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Eight Christmas Classics You Might Have Forgotten

It’s hard to miss that we’re getting close to that time of year. Whether it’s irritated shoppers bumping into each other chasing this year’s fad or retail staff looking like they’ll snap the next time Noddy mentions the ‘C’ word, sometimes the joy just seems to have disappeared. To help, we’ve got eight Christmas songs […]

Some Christmas decorations on a tree.

Seven Scary Songs to Make Your Halloween Truely Spooktacular

Even in this part of the world, Halloween’s becoming more of a big deal. Sadly, even North of the Border, kids aren’t required to perform a trick, song or party piece when they go guising any more. Much like that dreaded C word in a few months time, there’s a few songs you can expect […]

A Halloween pumpkin looks rather scary.

In Conversation: Tiki

Find out about the story of Tiki the Tiger cat, born without his upper eyelids and the charitable actions that changed his life. As well as listening to the interview with Vikki, the vet who performed the surgery you can follow these links to find out more about Henry’s Haven Cat Rescue and Angus Cat […]

Tiki the Tiger Cat

Eight Songs to Celebrate Going Back to School

With the calendar moving into September, the nights drawing in and the last gasps of summer dying off, it’s time for the little ones to head back to school. We’ll admit to knowing that most students north of the border have been back for weeks but the sentiment remains. For most parents, it’s a relief […]

Some leaves on the ground. One of them is rather pretty looking.

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