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We are the podcast network with a Classic in Every Byte and home of…

As lead by Sooty the Solid Radio Cat, we’re the podcast network with a Classic in Every Byte. Now in podcast form, it’s your chance to enjoy the very best content we’ve poured our blood, sweat and tears into on your own time.

This is the “firehose” feed – the one where you get everything Solid Radio produces!

Stop by for A Wee Natter with Jenny and Marc Steele, taking a light-hearted look at the not-so-important issues of the day.

From solving parking problems in the modern world and keeping spiders out of the house, to investigating weird song lyrics and the rules of sharing your holiday snaps, there’s always an opportunity for you to get involved.

Solid Country

Join Stephen Hall as he plays a mix of country hits new and old.

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Feelgood Tracks of Your Years

Join DJ Luce as she finds out about her special guests Top 10 Feelgood songs.

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Tony T's Music Box

Join Tony T on his musical journey through the years.

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Did Pod 1

“Where do we go from here”? Well, it’s down to the lake I fear! Stocksy is here in a brand new format, squeezed into a pod. A quick look at who, when, where and why for future pod casts on Solid.

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Meet The Hosts

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