Christmas Day on Solid Radio

We bet you’ve already got Christmas day figured out. Unwrap some presents, eat some turkey dinner, realise the whole thing is over by 3 in the afternoon.

Here at Solid Radio, we’ve got your soundtrack to the day figured out as well. It won’t just be great pop and rock all day long making those awkward moments with the extended family only slightly less awkward.

In the morning, we’ll be maintaining our trademark Breakfast without the Waffle. Just great songs while the little ones go mad about the boxes for their expensive gifts.

DJ Stocksy, as seen in the wild enjoying a festive mince pie.

After that, we acknowledge that everyone knows a Dave. And we’ve got our own one! He’s not just some bloke we met down the pub, it’s DJ Stocksy, who’ll be going mad for Christmas. Backed by some of the finest cracker jokes, he’ll be seeing you through to lunch from 10am.

Talking of Christmas dinner, just as the cremated turkey leaves the oven, Marc and Jenny will be spreading some Christmas joy right here on Solid Radio.

And to bring it all together in the afternoon while you’re escaping the relatives by wandering around the block in brass monkeys weather, we’ll be playing a mix of great pop and rock to take your mind off the depressing fact it’s all over for another year.


  1. Sounds good!!

  2. Makes a change to see a picture of Dave without him holding a pint!

    1. We could not possibly comment haha.

  3. Fat Lad, now is the time to step out from my shadow. I know it won’t be great but at least you’re trying.
    Hope this is the next step for you DJing for Radio 2 …………………………………………………………………………..
    Nice one.

  4. Good to see your well camouflaged and hidden talents coming out to the front….
    Will be listening to your dulcet tones over the airwaves….. Nice one Stocksy

    1. We are looking forward too Gary.

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