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Some Great Songs with Surprising Contributors

Often you know exactly who’s singing a song. For one, it’s usually written next to the title but there are numerous songs where some surprisingly famous contributors go uncredited or even take on a behind the scenes role. Here are some of these where you’ll be pleasantly surprised who’s involved in making some of your favourite songs.

We’ll start with a modern classic by the Black Eyed Peas – Where is the Love?

A certain Justin Timberlake, originally of *NSYNC fame makes, among other things, a vocal contribution to the song. If you listen carefully you can here him but uncredited. The story is that Jive, Justin’s record company was concerned with overexposure.

Sometimes the style of an artist is more obvious but behind the scenes in a song. Take the 80s classic by The Bangles – Manic Monday.

This upbeat and admittedly slightly cheesy pop song was produced by none other than the late, great Prince. In fact, his connection goes further having written the song as well. Weirdly, we can easily imagine a version with him singing.

Giving songs to other artists isn’t an uncommon thing. David Bowie gave at least one to Mott the Hoople and in more recent times, Coldplay gave Embrace their hit Gravity.

It’s also not unknown for musicians to play on each other’s tracks. Even the Beatles and Rolling Stones got into that game but did you know that Stevie Wonder plays the harmonica on Eurythmics – There Must Be an Angel?

Don’t you want this catchy hit in your music library?

One of the more well known contributions comes from Michael Jackson and the song Beat It.

Eddie Van Halen provides that well known guitar solo. Much like a certain Mr Timberlake, he wasn’t allowed to appear in the video. Not surprising a few people haven’t twigged on that one then.

While this doesn’t cover every single collaboration, if there’s one we missed or some of these surprise you, why not comment below or share this article?

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