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Seven Scary Songs to Make Your Halloween Truely Spooktacular

Even in this part of the world, Halloween’s becoming more of a big deal. Sadly, even North of the Border, kids aren’t required to perform a trick, song or party piece when they go guising any more.

Much like that dreaded C word in a few months time, there’s a few songs you can expect to bump into everywhere. For Halloween, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Rockwell (and Michael Jackson again!) – Somebody’s Watching Me and Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters make regular appearances.

In this list, we’re going to take a look at some spooky songs you might have forgotten about, starting with Alice Cooper – He’s Back. What’s scarier than the return of a well known masked killer in the sixth installment Friday the 13th? Well, probably his appearance in any of the earlier installments.

He’s back…

Keeping on the topic of scary films. Well, films that were scary back in the day and onto the mutually assured destruction themed world of Threads. If you’ve not had the pleasure of watching the reality of nuclear war in Sheffield, we can’t say we’d recommend it for a quiet night in. The Cold War is a topic Ozzie touched on with Crazy Train.

If you’re looking for an offbeat way to decorate for the occasion, some of his album art is bound to scare a kid or two. Are you going to go respond to his call of “All Aboard!”?

Staying on the theme of the West Midlands and maybe straying more into depression that scariness, The Specials tribute to Coventry – Ghost Town could make an appearance on your Halloween playlist. The spectre of concrete ring roads and early 80s decline will add some variety.

While we’ll admit to supplying most of the cheese so far, you’ve got to expect a cheesy song or two at Halloween. The Rocky Horror Picture show provides this at Camembert strenth through the Time Warp.

You’ll be dancing the Time Warp before you know it. Just remember to bring those knees in tight before you pevic thrust!

Our blatently obvious song choices continue with Blue Öyster Cult hit (Don’t Fear) The Reaper. While it’s a song about death, an ever cheery topic, it takes a surprisingly upbeat approach. Death may be innevitable but we don’t need to fear it.

That’s not going to remove any fears you or I might have but it’s still a cracking song.

More cowbell?

If you’re needing a bit of cheering up after that, how about a Northern Sould classic? R Dean Taylor – There’s a Ghost in My House takes on the topic of your lover leaving you for someone else. The ghosts in his house may be from a previous relationship but there’s still a scary element to it.

He’ll have trouble flogging that house if he keeps singing about a ghost.

As our final selection, we’re going with a song from a German power metal band with a name themed round Halloween – Helloween. Their song I Want Out might be referring to their lead singer at the time wanting out of the band, but it doesn’t fail to remind us of film and TV scenes where our protagonist is struggling to get out of somewhere scary.

Do you think he wants out?

Hopefully these suggestions will make it onto your Halloween playlist. If not, they certainly make up only a small part of our Spooktacular from 10am through until Midnight.

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