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Congratulations you have impressed me greatly.

Commiserations.  But hey, it means you can have another go of this great quiz.

#1. What was the first song to be a US hit in four separate decades?

#2. More commonly known as New Year's Eve. What do the Scots refer to it as?

#3. What does "Auld Lang Syne" translate to?

#4. Which city in Australia is known for partying hard on New Year's Eve?

#5. Another Scottish one for you. Well the boss is Scottish. Who do Scots kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve?

#6. This beverage is filling up around 360 million glasses each New Year's Eve in the US, but what is it?

#7. How many pounds of confetti are dropped in Times Square on NYE?

#8. Where in the world will be first to ring in 2022?

#9. When did the ancient Babylonians celebrate New Year's?

#10. Scots bring their relatives a lump of coal to greet the new year. What item do the Welsh traditionally bring as a gift on New Year's Eve?

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