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As Her Majesty celebrated seventy years on the throne (gold that is, not porcelain), street parties are breaking out across the country. It’s not often a Platinum Jubliee comes round but scoffing lukewarm sausage rolls while getting sunburnt under the bunting needs just the right soundtrack.

So join us on a journey through seven songs no Jubilee street party should be without.

1. Get the Party Started

Ok, we’ll admit it, this is a bit on the nose.

But getting the party started can be as simple as rocking out to this P!nk classic:

2. Saftey Dance

With councils across the country giving the nod to closing roads, health and safety is top of the agenda. Busses and Battenburg just don’t mix.

What better song to plop out those cones to other than well, the Safety Dance. You’ll have that road closed in no time!

3. Cake by the Ocean

While Solid Radio’s midlands roots mean we’re about 70 miles from any seaside, there are bound to be more than a few seaside soirees.

On top of that, the distance isn’t going to stop us from imagining we’re scoffing a bit of cake by the ocean.

4. Celebration

Whether it’s the jubilee or extra day off you’re most looking forward to, it calls for a celebration.

Who better to celebrate with than a Kool and the Gang?

5. Dancing in the Street

Is it really a party if you’re not dancing?

What’s more, we had two choices for this song. So of course we had to go back to the days when everything was in black and white for this Motown classic:

6. Summer in the City

In case you’ve not noticed, the Queen’s normal digs – Buckingham Palace – are in the middle of a big city.

Sadly not the big city where Brum used to sneak out to. Either way, in case you’ve not noticed, June is in the summer. See where we’re going here?

Yeah, it’s Summer in the City:

7. God Save the Queen

What right royal knees-up would be complete without a blast of patriotism and all standing for the national anthem. If we had to choose, we would have to hear it played from an electric guitar on the top of Buckingham Palace. But that would never happen! Right?

8. Bonus Track

And what about those misery guts who just aren’t fans of the royal family or able to enjoy an hour or two with the neighbours?

Turns out there’s at least one song released for the silver jubilee that might just be up their street:

Whatever your opinion or soundtrack, enjoy the jubilee!

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