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It’s that confusing time of year again when the flaming ball thing in the sky returns and the smell of your neighbours’ BBQs have you making awkward conversation in the hope of angling an invite.

No matter the level of success you achieve in acquiring those surprisingly undercooked burgers, here are seven sizzlers for your summer soundtrack.

1. Boys of Summer

You know for sure it’s sunny in the boss’ parking space if you hear the Don Henley classic on the wireless.

What’s better at getting you into that summer vibe than a song looking at wanting your ex back years later, only to come to the realisation it was a summer fling? Oh, and apparently Don really did see a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac.

2. You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth

You might not hear the complete intro on this song very often but the Meat Loaf classic kicks off with a bunch of odd questions set on a “hot summer night”. We’re not sure why the wold with the red roses would want your throat but each to their own.

3. Cruel Summer

Ever find yourself dumped and alone in a hot city in the middle of summer?

Whatever your answer, this pop classics will get your bopping along.

4. Walking on Sunshine

More than a few years before that Eurovision song, Katrina and the Waves released an upbeat pop classic that’ll get you, well.. walking on sunshine.

5. Summer Summer Summertime

Will Smith might be better known as an actor nowadays but going back to the time before the Fresh Prince of Bel Air he teamed up with DJ Jazzy Jeff to release a few pop songs. It was also long before a certain slap…

1991 was a very different time when this song was released:

6. Summer

We’ll admit this one may be a bit on the nose.

But a song with the title Summer may have a summer vibe. Who better to get you in that vibe than Calvin Harris?

7. School’s Out

It may have been a decade or two since we last saw the inside of a classroom but it’s impossible to forget the joy of that final bell of the school year.

What better way to end our list and get you in the summer mood than the Alice Cooper classic that captures just that feeling:

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