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Join us for the Christmas special of A Wee Natter, the #comedy #talkshow that covers the not-so-important issues of the day. We put you in charge of the playlist as we touch on those weird and wonderful requests you sometimes get from presents. Why are kids so obsessed with the oddest things?

We keep an eye on where Santa is as he visits every boy and girl across the world. Unfortunately, Marc takes a shot of Duolingo Powered Ukrainian in the process. Stop by and hear your messages from around the world.

Marc are found something on eBay he wants you to chip in for. If successful, it’ll be teamed up with an old Mondeo and a farmer’s field.

The end of the year also gets us looking back at the achievements and events of 2023. We take a look at the best and not so good bits as well. Did you win an award?

About a day too late we give you some serious consumer advice about which yule log should be on your Christmas table for 2023. Now that you can’t buy any options, we consider just one more offering.

Test your festive knowledge with our three Christmas questions. Can you get all of them right?

Not everything goes as we hope at Christmas. Will you heed our warnings about the unexpected dangers in the big day?

We take a dive into some of the most festive places in the UK. If you’re anything like us you’ll be confused by the list as well.


Chapter Timings:
00:00 – Intro
01:35 – Mailbag
12:43 – Weird Gift Requests
20:56 – A Ukrainian Moment with Santa
23:38 – Radio with Vision
31:42 – Chipping in for an eBay Purchase
41:53 – X of the Year 2023
49:10 – The Boss’ Weird Gift Request
56:37 – You’re in Charge
60:14 – Consumer Advice
66:19 – Loonie Dook
71:58 – You’re in Control
76:08 – Quiz Part 1
82:47 – Quiz Part 2
87:24 – Quiz Part 2
92:39 – Quiz Results
97:47 – Big Prediction for 2024
102:28 – Festive Warnings
108:11 – Most Festive Places
113:59 – Outro

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