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Join us for A Wee Natter in the #comedy #talkshow that covers the not-so-important issues of the day. This week we touch on gifts from the petrol station when you leave Christmas shopping just a little too late. Who else has had something lovingly gifted in tinfoil?

Fashion isn’t something we can claim to ever have been on top of but we look at the trends that tend to increase your blood pressure. And that’s before we hail the return of a certain haircut.

Cold weather brings out the gritters but someone in the highways depot has been having a bit too much fun. Can you blame them when they spend so much of their time on ice? While that’s going on we heat things up with serious debate about how you say the word scone. Is it “scone” or “scone”?

The food debate continues as we explore exactly where you’re allowed to use ketchup. Along the way we stumble onto a conspiracy that needs to become public! After that our hunt for the best yule log to bestow upon your Christmas table for 2023 comes to an end with a (not so) shocking last minute winner.

Our 100 question quiz continues with a historical look at the marriages of Henry VIII. Will you be caught out by the difference between a marriage and a wedding?

We also take on one of the most boring yet greatest stories ever and plan for A Wee Natter version of The Nativity. Will it be a success? It’ll certainly be different. And talking of different, Jenny touches on a trend that’s making Christmas Eve a little more special.


Chapter Timings:
00:00 – Intro
01:33 – Fashion Fury
04:59 – The Punny World of Gritters
09:47 – Postbag
15:59 – Is it Pronounced Scone or Scone?
19:24 – Ketchup on WHAT?!?
25:38 – The Ultimate Yule Log for 2023
34:23 – The Marriages of Henry VIII
37:48 – A Nativity with a Twist
42:17 – Xmas Eve Box
47:28 – Outro

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