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Join us for A Wee Natter, the chatshow/talkshow/podcast about the not so important issues of the day. It’s Mother’s Day this week as we help you to cover for the fact you totally forgot about it! Talking of forgetfulness, we then moved onto the addictions we both admit and don’t admit to.

Marc then makes a massive screw-up and starts a trend that continues throughout the show. In an attempt to cover up, we then have a patriotic moment. Things turn for the worse again when we chat about all the ways we used to get in trouble as kids. Compared to one kid we heard about this week, we were all rather tame!

With the live show landing on the same night as the Oscars, we make up our own movie awards that film makers probably don’t want on their mantlepieces.

Even with the night being a special one, we still continue to build the people’s manifesto in Elected and ask a somewhat untimely question in the out of date quiz. We then go on to discover a mystery safe in the bungalow. Can you guess the combination to open it?

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