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Join us for A Wee Natter, the comedy talkshow that covers the not-so-important issues of the day. We kick off this Scottish special by exploring what life was like north and south of the border in times gone by. This then leads to our presenters trying their hand at a “shout out”.

We also delve into those embarrassing incidents that keep going through our head just before we drift off to sleep. They’ll keep haunting you so we ask you to share them with us! The embarrassment continues as we chat about the Bay City Rollers.

The confessions keep flowing as Marc admits to a mistake then tackles the madness that is rail travel in the UK. A few of you also share your top songs in Spotify for 2023. Turns out we’re not quite the cool cats we used to be.

Cats aren’t the only critter we encounter on our travels but naming your furry friend is a difficult task. How do you choose a name that doesn’t sound daft when you have to shout them back?

Elected – our mission to build the peoples’ manifesto ahead of the 2024 general election continues with an exploration of camping. Can we devise a policy to make sleeping under the stars a little less miserable?

The out of date quiz returns. Can you figure out the answer before we reveal it?

And talking of questions, we check out if the claims made by AI’s proponents matches reality. Our experience with chat bots suggests otherwise.

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