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Join us for A Wee Natter, the comedy talkshow that covers the not-so-important issues of the day. We kick off this episode getting offended by American researchers with an alternative view on what should be added to tea. That then leads into us tackling a listener complaint in our usual not-so-serious style.

We then move into the world of wrestling that may be making a comeback but inspires us to pick walk-in music for our mundane lives. After emptying the postbag, we enter the world of underwear and the slip-ups you don’t expect! With the embarrassment over, we nip down the bakery to find the person in front of us taking the last sausage roll. It just isn’t our day.

In the hope of brightening our day, we look towards chocolate to be our saviour. Alas, it doesn’t quite deliver as we’d hoped.

On a more positive note, our mission to build the Peoples’ Manifesto, tackling the unimportant issues that wind you up, continues. This week we take on nuisance callers to 999 and come up with an unorthodox solution to the problem.

Ever done that thing where you put something down and completely forget where it was? We investigate the time it happened at a government scale.

Our 100 question quiz continues. Can you figure out the answer before we reveal it?

And talking of misleading, we explore the difference between phishing scams and fishing scams. Turns out the latter has a much more potent pong!

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