Solid Radio


Join us for A Wee Natter, the radio show about the not so important issues of the day. We start by chatting about those songs that remind you of people and things. The odd bit is that it’s never the song you expect!

Covers vs Originals returns with you picking between the Kinks and Kirsty Maccoll. Which version of Days will play at half past seven? And talking of songs, apparently there’s a song on the playlist that was on Jenny & Marc’s wedding playlist. Can you figure out which one it is?

Off the back of an announcement that Super Spoons is coming to quench the thirst of northerners, we try to come up with a new super hero for Sherwood Forest. Robin Hood has his place but we need a new hero for the 21st century. Jenny then tries to turn into a 21st century hero by tackling the problem of window seats in cafes.

In this week’s instalment of Elected we tackle the issue of high street banks disappearing. Are banking hubs the solution or is Marc’s idea better? In the Super Shonky Sunday Quiz we then find out if your geography is any good. Turns out it is! The discussion of clean air in Greenland then leads on to a discussions around unwanted gas emissions.

With both Eurovision and the northern lights appearing last night, we take a quick look at both of them. Though admittedly, being radio, actually seeing them will be a challenge!

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