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Join us for A Wee Natter in the #comedy #talkshow that covers the not-so-important issues of the day. This week we touch on those songs that trigger memories of random people or moments in your life. We even have a sniff and some old memories as well!

We also step into the world of politics and international relations by making a suggestion on where to send the Elgin Marbles in a deal that would make no-one happy! We also make local radio DJs and pub bores upset by recommending a certain book gets banned.

With 2024 just around the corner, it’s your opportunity to find out what the status symbols will be next year and the status symbols of the 1900s. It’s also amazing how things change over the years. It’s also amazing just what candles you can get!

One thing that’s been missing in this country for a while is Great #British pride! We combine the power of Kerbal Space Program and British engineering to re-ignite our space adventures.

The “serious consumer advice” continues as things heat up in the hunt for the best chocolate yule log to put on your table for Christmas day. Find out which big name didn’t quite make it to the top of the list!

Films and TV shows make an appearance with those lines we still quote decades later. Though one song almost got Marc fired a long time ago. Can you guess which festive favourite it is? The topic of dreams also comes up but with a dark twist. Turns out someone’s developing a way to allow you to work in your dreams. Will you join us in uprising against this?

The bad news is that you might already have a spy in your household. Elf on a Shelf has gone too far and we suggest how to tackle the madness.

Chapter Timings:

00:00 – Intro
02:31 – Postbag
09:58 – Pensions
10:51 – Memories
15:14 – A Book That Really Should be Banned!
16:13 – Status Symbols
20:22 – Candles
24:06 – Moving to the Shire
24:54 – Great British Pride
27:27 – Trainer Candles
28:01 – Serious Consumer Advice
33:52 – Quoting Movies and TV Shows
37:27 – Almost Fired
38:26 – Dreams
41:29 – Elf on a Shelf
45:11 – Anarchy!
46:52 – The WORST Prize Marc EVER Gave Away
47:55 – Outro

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