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Join us for A Wee Natter, the chatshow/talkshow/podcast about the not so important issues of the day. In this week’s episode we kick things off with a look at what you’d do if you won a serious amount of money. Turns out you’re all quite generous!

We then explore how two words that on their own cause no trouble but bring them together and they strike fear in everyone’s lives. Talking of fear, we then take a step into the world of international politics. Who’d have thought fish and chips was such as controversial topic.

Noticing that we aren’t exactly experts in the topic, we then moved on quickly into some of the more mind-bending elements of bingo. No, really, that game you play with a dobber. And on the topic of games, we then have a discussion on video games and playing them in odd places.

Perennial favourites Elected and the Ancient Quiz return. We also explore one of the paradoxes of the vinyl revival. Oh, and why does a bottle of washing up liquid last so long?

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