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Join us for A Wee Natter, the comedy talkshow that covers the not-so-important issues of the day. We touch on a New Years’ food challenge that’ll pile on the pound before you’ve even got a whiff of the gym.

Talking of things we would rather forget, we move on to things no-one else remembers but you. Fine people just like you got in touch and let us know about those mystery memories.

After that we break out the time machine and go back 30 years to celebrate the formation of one of the most iconic bands of the 90s. Then we suggest better options for commemorative stamps!

We also try our hand at proper local radio. Find out how well… or not it goes!

In case you’ve not noticed, it’s an election year. Join us in building the peoples’ manifesto, dealing with the niggles and frustrations in life. You tell use the issue, we come up with a policy to tackle it!

You also get in touch which triggers some very controversial biscuit comments from Jenny.

Our mighty 100 question quiz we wrote over a decade ago and might have slightly out of date answers returns. Can you get the answer before our caller?

This all prompts Marc to consider walking home. No… his original hometown 260 miles away in Dunfermline. Will he succeed, only one way to find out!


Chapter Timings:
00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Mailbag
03:27 – Things No-One Else Remembers
14:25 – Going Back 30 Years
18:36 – Proper Local Radio
23:28 – New Year… Not So New Start
24:19 – Elected
29:07 – You Get in Touch!
32:06 – The Mighty Quiz
35:08 – Walking Home
40:04 – Outro

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