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Join Jenny and Marc Steele for A Wee Natter about the not-so-important issues of the day including:

  • Celebrating international Robin Hood day.
  • Invading Basingstoke.
  • The invasion of the scarecrows.
  • Getting famous names muddled up in your head.
  • The rules of Halloween and how they’ve changed over the years.
  • Becoming a rubbish superhero.
  • How your favourite artists aren’t as good decades later.
  • The difficulty of making a consistent cup of tea.
  • When you’re allowed to start doing various Christmas activities.
  • Which member of Wham! you should be compared to.
  • Serious consumer advice for your kitchen cupboard.
  • When a good plan goes bad.
  • A magic token that’ll get you unlimited access to something you love.
  • The worst noise you could possibly hear at 2am.
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