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Join us for A Wee Natter, the chatshow/talkshow/podcast about the not so important issues of the day. In this week’s episode we kick things off by feeling no sympathy for the water bosses having a secret meeting to complain that we’re being mean for not wanting higher bills. To console ourselves, we check out your suggestions for wrestler-style walk in music.

On a mission to get even happier, we enter the world of video games. Turns out there’s an alarming number of games involving cats in the world! Though a trip to the cinema afterwards doesn’t quite go as planned.

Remember the family photo album? We leave it hidden in the cupboard and try to pretend there’s no embarrassing photos in there. Though with Polaroids making a comeback, that may change.

We also explore the reasons your boss makes daft decisions. Including one backed by proper boffins with research!

You know that moment you spot someone you really don’t want to chat to? Jenny provides the ultimate solution to the problem. Though as we then learn, you don’t always sneak away successfully and sometimes leave a trail to follow. As part of keeping up with the cutting edge, we use AI to explore where we should live.

In this week’s edition of Elected! we take on the semi-serious issue of pub closures. After much deliberation, we come up with a manifesto pledge to resolve one of the least important problems.

Without dropping into the obvious Monty Python jokes we explore something the Romans did actually do for us. The catch is it wasn’t something we really wanted. That’s before we move onto the topic of whether kids should be allowed in pubs or not.

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