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Join us for A Wee Natter, the chatshow/talkshow/podcast about the not so important issues of the day. In this week’s episode we kick things off with a look at the gifts you gave or received that were not appreciated. In the hopes of making ourselves a bit happier, we find out what you’d do if you won an insane amount of money,

With Valentines making an appearance this week, we explore what a budget romantic night could look like… and the ways it could go wrong! Powered by love, we take a trip back in history to check out the first Japanese astronaut. The time travel continues with a look back to the Sarajevo Winter Olympics. Somehow it’s 40 years ago this week!

Elected returns with a visit to the shops and a plan to solve the problem of sweet treats becoming smaller. Whoever came up with “fun size” probably hasn’t had fun in a long time. Talking of returns, the outdated 100 question quiz returns with us puzzling over where loofahs come from. It’s probably not where you’re thinking of.

We then take a trip to an old BHS store where snails are taking over. Is it all part of a sinister plot? It all gets more complicated when we find out something mind blowing about the Amazon river.

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