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Join us for A Wee Natter, the radio show about the not so important issues of the day. We start by touching on the things you love to do but are just a bit rubbish at. After reminiscing about The Generation Game, we ask you what cuddly toy you still sleep with. Go on, be honest with us!

Whatever your answer, it turns out you’re experts in all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff. That prompts us to put you in charge of the music in Covers vs Originals.

As part of pretending to sound like serious news journalists, we chat with a couple of the East Midlands Mayor candidates. Turns out we don’t do a very good impression of properly trained journalists so we go back to chatting with you about Kids TV shows.

Jenny then shares a story about flat pack furniture and the difficulty in putting it together. Turns out experts exist to help you with these things!

We further test your expertise with the Super Shonky Sunday Quiz. Can you tell us what the smallest planet in the solar system is? Either way, we demonstrate our lack of expertise discussing the Mansfield Town Football Club’s open top bus tour.

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