Chris Brown

We caught up with Chris to find out some vital stats on the man and the myth that makes up half of the Two Fat DJs.

So, Chris, let’s start with the basics, what’s your name?

Christopher Carl Brown

That’s a bit formal. Got any nicknames?

Big Lad, Chris or Brownie

Got any family?

I’m married to Jackie ‘the cake maker’ and have two children (Jennifer and Ben).

Where about’s do you hail from?

Nottingham (Lenton).

And do you work?

Nope! I’m retired.

I think we’re getting an idea about who you are but what are you in to. Can you tell us a bit about what your favorite things are?

Music Genre – Vinyl

Food – if it has calories, I like it!

Film – Zulu

Book – The Bible

Male Singer – Elvis Presley

Female Singer – Annie Lennox

Sporting Hero – Alan Knott, the best wicket keeper ever, ever, ever!

Music Icon – Nat King Cole

Holiday Destination – Jersey or narrow-boating on the canals.

TV Show – Line of Duty (every series)

Can you tell us two truths and one lie?

I attend a Christian fellowship group four times a week.

I “swam” the “English Channel”.

I’ve played cricket at Trent Bridge in front of thousands of Notts supporters.

As we were pondering which of these could possibly be the truth, Chris thoroughly plundered our supply of tea and biscuits, and made his escape.

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