Rich Swales

Rich is a recent addition to the team at Solid Radio. We caught up with him to find out a bit more about the man and mystery.

So, Rich, lets start with the basics. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born in Strelly, Nottingham and moved to West Yorkshire in 1989. I’m now living in Saltire, a National heritage village near Skipton in North Yorkshire with Jon, my partner of 22 years and out two cats Malcolm and Brenda.

Jon and I got married in June 2014.

How did you get involved in this radio stuff?

When I moved to West Yorkshire in 1989, I got a job co-ordinating a charity fundraiser for Radio Aire in Leeds for three months. When that finished I trained up to monitor what was called The Superstation, which was an overnight radio service available to all commercial stations that didn’t have presenters from 10pm through 6am. My job was to play local commercials and radio ident jingles to make it sound like the service was coming from Radio Aire.

From there I co-presented a weekly show on Saturday afternoons called The Saturday Gang which went out on the FM frequency at the same time sport went out on the AM frequency.  That’s how I got the bug over 30 years ago when the music came from records and the jingles were played on an 8-track cart machine.

We, erm, totally don’t remember the days of cart players. Was it really all those years ago? How time flies.

On a slightly different topic, what are you watching on the telly?

I’ll admit I don’t watch a great deal of TV as my evenings are tekan up working on my YouTube channel, which is a time consuming hobby of mine. However, I did watch the The Crown on Netflix, which I thought was amazing.

When it’s on I’m a big Strictly fan.

What sort of music are you in to?

I’m pretty much “stuck in an era” when it comes to bands. I don’t take much notice of current music. Most of my musical influences came from the eighties with bands like Bucks Fizz, Bananarama, Five State, Stock/Aitken/Waterman produced artists. Later on Sugababes and Girls Aloud. Safe to say my musical genre is pop.

Is there anything you dislike?

I’m sure this isn’t going to be a very popular dislike but mine is football. It was clear I at school I was never going to embrace it, so I played netball with the girls!

Nothing wrong with being on the netball team. We totally weren’t the last to be picked for sports either…

As a final question, can you tell I two lies and one truth?

When I first moved to West Yorkshire in 1989, I lived in a house next door to Mel B.

I used to go to school with Dave Stocks.

I’ve seen all the Harry Potter files at least 10 times each.

Tricky! I’m not sure which of these is the truth! Either way thanks Rich for your time and remember, you can catch him from 3pm Fridays on Solid Radio.

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