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Dave has been kicking off the weekend at Solid Radio for a few years now. We caught up with him to find out more and not just about where our biscuits have been disappearing to.

So, Dave, let’s start with the basics, what’s your name?

Dave John Stocks or DJ Stocksy

Got any family?

I’m married to Helen, my rock. I’ve also got two kids – Ben and Hannah. They are my world.

Where about’s do you hail from?

Nottingham (The Meadows).

And do you work?

Front Line Manager at KnowHow.

I think we’re getting an idea about who you are but what are you in to. Can you tell us a bit about what your favorite things are?

Music Genre – Indie/Rock from 1970s-1980s

Food – I don’t like liver!

Film – Good Morning Vietnam

Band – Queen or U2

Female Singer – Kate Bush

Music Icon – Freddie Mercury

Colour – Green

Book – Jack Charlton’s autobiography

Car – E Type Jag

Sporting Hero – Brian Clough or Ian Botham

Holiday Destination – Robin Hood’s Bay or the Gold Coast, Australia

Radio Presenter – Chris Evans

TV Program – Match of the Day, any David Attenborough stuff or good dramas.

Can you tell us two truths and one lie?

I raced round Donnington Park.

I ran a marathon in less than four hours.

I have jammed with Francis Rossi of Status Quo.

As we were pondering which of these impressive feats could be a lie, Dave thoroughly plundered our supply of tea and biscuits, and made his escape.

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