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We caught up with Jenny (a.k.a. Special J) to find out more about one half of the Wee Natter team. So, Jenny, let’s start with the basics, what’s your name?

Jenny Steele but you can call me Special J.

Where abouts do you hail from?


And do you work?

Yes. Playing with mobile phones all day.

Sounds like fun.

It’s not.

I think we’re getting an idea about who you are but could find out more about what you’re into. Can you tell us a bit about what your favourite things are?

Music Genre – I like Indie stuff.

Food – Italian.

Film – As long as it’s British. Bend It Like Beckham, East is East, Full Monty, etc.

Book – Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat.

Bands – Foo Fighters, Killers and Bowling for Soup.

Holiday Destination – Hmm… I’m going to have to say Cork.

TV Show – Gavin and Stacy.

Can you tell us two truths and one lie?

I once served a member of Bucks Fizz.

I met Felix [from the book mentioned above].

I work out five nights a week.


Thanks Jenny. That’s certainly a lot to mull over and sound potentially very tiring.

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