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Luce is a recent addition to the team at Solid Radio. We caught up with her to find out a bit more.

So, Luce, lets start with the basics. Tell us a bit about how you ended up on Solid Radio?

Tony T introduced me to the Solid Radio boss, Marc. I told him I wanted a Midnight Caller type show-I got my 90s show but I haven’t given up on getting my late night call-in show.

What do you get up to otherwise?

I’m a psychotherapist. It all sounds very serious but I get to work with incredible, inspiring people every day so it’s great.

Any hobbies?

Collecting vinyl, singing, growing plants and sewing.

Monty the Solid Radio dog tells us you are his mum-does he have any hidden talents?

Monty enjoys watching Strictly Come Dancing and has been known to dance a cracking rumba. He has also worked as a Barry Gibb canine doppelganger.

What are you watching on the telly?

Dallas, Bionic Woman, Schitts Creek and the Handmaids Tale.

Interesting choices. When you’re not locked down, where do you like to get away to?

Liverpool, France, Amsterdam, Cyprus and the great British seaside.

And what’s your choice in music like?

My favourite artists are the Beatles, Black Crowes , James Taylor and Lenny Kravitz. I also love Acid Jazz, Indie, Brit pop (60’S and 90’S), 1960’s French pop and Rock.

Thanks Luce! You can catch her Mondays from 5pm and Sundays from 3pm on Solid Radio.

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