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We caught up with Marc to find out more about one-half of the Wee Natter team. So, starting with the basics, what’s your name?

Marc Steele

Any nicknames we should know about?

I’ve had all sorts of variants on my name. I’ve also been called Taggart (for obvious reasons) and even Machine once due to how I ate a sandwich.

Where abouts do you hail from?

Originally Fife but somewhat based in the Midlands now.

Do you work?

Yes. Designing computer networks and writing code.

I think we’re getting an idea about who you are but could find out more about what you’re into. Can you tell us a bit about what your favourite things are?

Music Genre – I’m into rock but fairly open when it comes to genre. Pop and even the odd classical song have made it onto my playlist before.

Food – I’m a sucker for Pizza. It’s about the only thing I couldn’t give up when losing weight.

Film – Hmm… Moon was quite good if a bit bleak. On the lighter side of things, I don’t mind the odd comedy with the Kingsman sequel being the most recent one.

Book – I quite enjoyed the Hitchhikers series but preferred the film!

Bands – Do I have to pick one?

Holiday Destination – I’d consider going back to New England some day. Closer to home, I’d literally have to head north of the border.

TV Show – Currently, I’m leaning towards Taskmaster.

Can you tell us two truths and one lie?

I achieved a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award many, many years ago.

I once flew a glider solo, without crashing.

I once managed to not eat a whole pizza in one sitting.

Well that’s a difficult one to decipher. Thanks Marc.

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