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Solid Radio is On Demand

Want to listen to Solid Radio wherever or whenever you want? You can now find a selection of our shows, new and old with music on Spotify Premium: Would you prefer to use your favorite podcast apps instead? Simply search […]


Catch Up with Solid Country

Solid Country with Stephen Hall is now available whenever you want on Spotify. Check out the latest episode below, remembering to hit that follow button and ding that bell to never miss one in the future.  


The CAMHS Takeover

The young people from the CAMHS involvement group in Nottingham have partnered up with Solid Radio to assist DJ Luce in producing her Tuesday Feelgood Show. Please tune in on Tuesday, 26th July for their special ‘Pride’ feelgood show. We […]


Seven Songs to Celebrate Seventy Years

As Her Majesty celebrated seventy years on the throne (gold that is, not porcelain), street parties are breaking out across the country. It’s not often a Platinum Jubliee comes round but scoffing lukewarm sausage rolls while getting sunburnt under the […]